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Agronomic Information

This section provides valuable information on production, pest management, and weed control related to wheat grown in California.

immature wheat
Click the link on the left for the University of California's information on this topic. Their section includes the current Agronomy Progress Report that notes production characteristics, disease susceptibilities, and quality evaluations of the wheat varieties entered into the U.C. regional trials conducted each year at various sites in the state.

And, along with the University of California's information, growers can use the links below to help make planting decisions:

Classes of U.S. wheat grown in California

California Wheat Variety Survey gives you an idea of the wheat varieties most planted in a given year.

California Wheat Statistics page gives USDA statistics on planted acreage, acreage for grain (removing wheat acreage used for green chop, silage, and hay), yield, and production by county and region.

Small Grains Farm Advisor Directory.  Farm Advisors can be helpful in determining which variety to plant in your area.

Wheat Seed Dealers and Distributor's Directory includes wheat seed dealers and the varieties they handle.

Certified Wheat Seed Buying Guide provides contact information for wheat certified seed dealers in California, as well as seed characteristics, historical information on disease reactions, yield, test weight and average protein of current certified wheat seed.  An inclusive list of all California wheat cultivars can be found here on the University's Small Grain website.